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3M VL6000 LED Lamp

Client: 3M

Nature Inspired Aesthetics

As a world leader in LED technology, 3M wanted to create
its latest generation of LED desk lamp that portrays
functionality in a more modern tone. To transform people’s
impression on the product category, CRE8 attempted to
dilute the usual mechanical feeling and turned to nature for inspiration.

Taking design cues from leaf shape and venation, VL6000 incorporates the beauty of simplicity and linear design to answer people’s aspiration for a tranquil lifestyle that connects with nature. Like a breathing leaf, the small dimples on the lamp shade are designed for an ethereal feeling and to help with heat dissipation.

The gooseneck, similar to a stem, is strong enough to hold the upper part yet elegant enough to hide its inner structure and to make the lamp look clean and streamlined. Suitable for both home and office environments, the lamp not only illuminates the space, but its neutral design also blends in with different atmospheres.

Collaborating with the mechanical engineering team, CRE8’s industrial designers endeavored to find the most cost-effective way for best design quality, as well as simulated various user scenarios to offer an easy and intuitive operation for enhanced user experience, including a steady yet flexible arm for adjusting the beam angles, and a firm base that serves as a platter for placing stationery or accessories.


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