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Belal Prayer Time Clocks

Client: IPTEQ

ID for Swiss-based clock manufacturer.

Following a successful participation in the project-related design competition, Swiss-based clock manufacturer IPTEQ invited Pilotfish to develop, design and engineer their next generation of prayer time clocks for private use and installation in mosques.

The clocks were to represent the new modernising trends in Muslim societies and have a sophisticated appeal while preserving a timeless character reminiscent of Islamic tradition and culture.

The resulting devices are the fruits of an ample research into Islamic, culture, tradition and art, skilfully combining traditional religious aspects with a puristic form language and the complex technological possibilities of today. Steeped in history yet progressively modern, the home model alludes to a compact and slender minaret tower while the larger wall-mounted mosque model reminds of a brass astrolabe, historically used to calculate the times for prayer.

Both clocks have an integrated GPS system that automatically identifies its location worldwide to convey the precise time, time zone and location relative to Mecca.

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