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The stirrings of great ideas are all around. From the lines and curves of a skyscraper, to the untamed improvisation of Jazz, to the artisan complexity of a Chicago hot dog, inspiration is everywhere. Miaso Design is the amalgamation of passion, experience and influence. Letting our senses guide our drive, our thoughtful work will make your mark.

Designers might be a dime a dozen, but designers that deliver results are rare. If you appreciate the values of focus, sophistication and experience, you’ll agree that we’re more than worth the cost. Project estimates are always given and agreed upon before work commences. Unless the project scope changes in a significant way, that’s the fee you pay. (If things change, we’ll take a break from the work and agree to a revised estimate). Depending how extensive the project, we will bill the estimate progressively, or do a deposit and a balance upon completion. And because we appreciate what not-for-profit organizations give, we give something to them – a discounted rate.

The attention and care we give every project and client is reflected in our pricing schedule. Respecting your budget and time, we ensure fresh ideas that get noticed.



  • Various across the country and overseas.



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  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Communication

Main Office

845 West Fulton Market
Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60622
United States


Kristin Miaso
phone: 7735753776
fax: 7735982026
Website: Miaso Design kristin@miasodesign.com

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