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A new approach towards an intelligent intranet.

Reimagining enterprise dashboards with real-time intelligence at its core.

- The challenge
What can be done to make the intranet a useful tool which can enhance productivity and benefit companies. What are the current pain-points and how can we redefine this space to take employees a step ahead?
- The result
A new approach to intelligent intranets. Tailored for companies with multiple departments. Flow consists of a multi-platform ecosystem, making it possible to get informed, collaborate and manage your tasks from any device and in any location.

Real-time Intelligence
In the digital age we have reached the tipping point of information overload. Data is everywhere, spread across folders, emails, intranets, and the vast array of communication tools. People spend on average 30% of our time searching for information, time that could have been used for getting work done.

Flow was designed to prioritize information at one glance. The platform is designed around information and tasks for which the user is responsible for. Dividing the platform into three tabs makes information easily digestible and is specifically designed around the busy users workflow.

Designated to provide a quick, easily understood overview into the users day. The platform collects, compiles and prioritizes the users tasks, events, conversations and news.

Real-time intelligence provides relevant information based on what the user is currently working on. Helps employees to develop professionally and stay on top of their game.

A comprehensive overview of the project status including responsibilities for each of the projects they are involved in.

AI assistant
Designated to act as an always available personal assistant. Can be used for arranging business trips, finding useful patterns in big data sets, and more.
Switching between these three tabs seamlessly keeps the user focused on what is important


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