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Slingshot is a full service product innovation, development, and manufacturing firm, and we work across a broad spectrum of product development process including: product/innovation strategy, ideation, design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing. Our in house expertise includes industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemistry, material science, manufacturing engineering, and fulfillment. We work with start ups, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 100 companies.

Slingshot started in 2001 as a new type of innovation and product development organization. Original founders Sam Zaidspiner, Noah McNeely, and George Hatzilias realized that there was often a considerable disconnect between development efforts and revenue goals. So, they created a service organization that would bridge the gap between development and revenue by approaching product development in a complete, holistic way. The new company would not focus on design or engineering specifically, but would treat product development as a complete process with the ultimate goal of generating revenue through the launch of market changing innovations.

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Many clients partner with us as a full turnkey solution, while others engage us for just a portion of the process so our 'typical budget' varies significantly from project to project.

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Holly Harper
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