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Product development services – New mindset for new results!

With Conseptas, you’ll turn your products into commercial success stories. Collaborating with Conseptas turns your products into stories of success. With our creative input, you’ll transform your flow of idea into a flow of cash. We represent state of the art designers of visual excellence and functional creativity. In order to sell well, a class A product requires a class A design.

We have customers from all over Finland but also abroad for example in USA. We have a state of art design tools, PDM, which is in a cloud and Office365 system.

With Conseptas, you’ll differentiate from your competitors. Our long experience in product consepting and in the processes of creating functionality and usability, helps you to gain satisfied customers with significant repurchases! You’ll also significantly reduce the workload of your company’s claims department and the risk of having to call your products back from your vendors.

Conseptas project management ensures quick and cost effective ramp-ups for your products. You’ll save some serious money by outsourcing your R&D onto our shoulders! We provide comprehensive R&D-services to our clients. Our services include industrial, mechanical, hardware and embedded software design.

Keywords: Product Development, internet of things, Industrial Design, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, Optical Design, Hardware design


  • Tracker
  • FilmMe
  • CaddieON
  • Greenled
  • Tosibox
  • Lappset
  • Sunchet
  • Spektikor
  • Exiops



Conseptas LTD


  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Research

Typical Project Budget

$25,000 - $50,000


Scandinavian High End Product Development and Design from land of Nokia.

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Kari Vatka
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